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To visually represent Rose & Crown Co. offering SEO services to the businesses of Santa Barbara, CA

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Looks like you were searching for SEO Santa Barbara or something similar. We built this page as a resource for you. As long time residents and fellow business owners, we understand the importance of having a functional, stylized website show up on the search engines in order to generate leads, and build trust within the community. Let us help you with that.

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A 2019 Local Business Case Study

Our Process

1. Keyword Research

We start with keyword research and collaboration.

Before beginning any organic SEO campaign, we will generate a thorough keyword proposal identifying the most valuable keywords in your business market.

We use industry leading tools to find keywords that make sense for your business and that are relevant to the search query. Based on your domain rating (a score of 0 – 100) we can pick keywords that will increase your ranking in the Google search engine to compete for keywords or phrases with higher search volumes such as “Attorney in Santa Barbara.”

Once the Rose & Crown team identifies your target keywords, we will place them into a list and sit down with you to discuss the strategic plan before optimizing your website. You’ll have to approve the keywords our team handpicks before we implement the organic SEO campaign. 

To visually represent Rose & Crown Co. offering SEO services to the businesses of Santa Barbara, CA

2. Content Matters

Those who offer value upfront, win. The best way to offer value to any customer is with content. High quality photos, videos, info-graphics, banners, and posters are the best way to get your message seen online. A good rule: create for your customer, not for the algorithms.

This is one of our specialties, our team has extensive training in content creation and branding, and have helped multiple brands get their unique story into the eyes and ears of customers.

If you make great content, you might just end up going viral. All “buzz” online about your content is converted into traffic, which will increase your overall organic SEO ranking within Santa Barbara and the search engine. 

3. Implementation

In the next stage of your campaign, the team at Rose & Crown Co. will concentrate on the most effective tactics when it comes to your unique SEO strategy. We will implement a variety of scheduled tasks including but not limited to, ON-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO, creating content, and optimizing local Santa Barbara or surrounding area listings. By using effective off-page SEO and credible back linking, we can predictively bring you more mentions from off-site sources to boost your websites traffic and relevancy.  These include things like relevant articles and Google Maps Indexing. We’ll focus on high-quality backlinks and press to begin ranking your website in the search engines. In order for your business to rank online, you must start by being discovered in your local market. (hence this entire SEO Santa Barbara page) Please keep in mind that every business is unique, these are just some of the ways in which we can help you implement SEO into your website.

4. Building Backlinks

Building content is only one piece of the SEO puzzle. To make it more relevant, you need “high-quality” backlinks that will increase your SEO rankings. We work with a network of bloggers to get high-quality contextual backlinks to help your website gain more traffic from outside sources. This process includes things like getting your business featured in news channels and online magazines. We also have relationships with PR professionals to get you featured in media articles for long-term exposure.

5. Supporting Local SEO

Local SEO positions your business in front of the customers searching for you in your local marketplace.  By leveraging keywords unique to Santa Barbara, you can expect more localized leads.

Once we complete our audit and analysis we will have an understanding of your online opportunities.  Then we recommend a list of the best SEO keywords for your business to target. If you’ve had local SEO services done before, your website is probably already targeting these keywords. Either way, our team at Rose & Crown Co. will be able to identify new keywords that we can focus on to gain more exposure online. These are some examples of how we find your local SEO keywords:

Using keyword research tools: By “data mining” the Google Search Engine in the local Santa Barbara area, we can compose a list of suggested keywords based on what customers are typing into Google that are related to your business niche.

Try out your competitor’s keywords: We take a look at your top competitors and run our software on their websites. Then we can see what keywords they are ranking for, and out compete them for those same keywords by generating higher quality content on your businesses website.

Asking you what keywords you want to target: By understanding the keywords that you want to target, we can make a recommendation based on the data we generate during our analysis. Your customers and their searching habits are often the greatest resource when it comes to finding local keyword opportunities. Don’t miss the opportunity of capturing that valuable data when all you have to do is ask, “Hey, how did you find us?”

6. Reporting & Analytics

To visually represent Rose & Crown Co. servicing organic SEO & local SEO

All SEO campaigns need to have reporting.

Which is why our team at Rose & Crown Co has a complete reporting procedure that we will send to you. First we have a keyword movement report, this is a report that tracks the targeted keywords that are chosen at the beginning of your campaign. We use Google Analytics from the Google Search Console and identify opportunities within your SEO campaign. This is necessary if one page is ranking higher than another. We want to make sure that all of your pages are ranking equally, to increase website trust score.

These two reports will go into an extensive monthly review that we can go over in person with you to show you the progress month over month. Don’t worry, we promise to keep it simple, to the point, and easy to read.

7. Patience is a Virtue

Organic SEO & Local SEO take time.

Not only is an Organic SEO & Local SEO takeover a ton of work but the search engines have a “vetting” process that takes time. This is GOOD THING! Search engines want to prioritize legitimate, relevant results for people. After Google indexes all of the changes to your website, the results of the enhancements will permanently improve your websites SEO Health. 

This image describes the Rose & Crown Standard


Timing: How long will each contract run for?

We usually start off with a monthly contract that has a set price and runs for a specific duration, at the start of the campaign. Depending on the level of improvement you wish to see, and the amount of work involved, a normal campaign is between three to six months. You can then opt for a cheaper contract that involves a lower amount of work usually on a month to month basis after the initial campaign is completed.  

Cost: What Is The Average Cost Of Search Engine Optimization?

For each client, our SEO campaigns are customized with a specific level of work, for a specific project amount of time and at a given price; this is different from what other agencies do by offering pre-packaged SEO services at specific price points. Our approach not only ensures that your money goes towards getting the services you need but also prevents you from being billed for unnecessary work.

How often can I expect to be notified of changes in rankings on search engines?

We have a bunch of different options for reporting and analytics. Normally we send out a report every two weeks, but we can send it out monthly or bi-monthly depending on your business strategy & goals. Check out our reporting page for more information. 

What’s the nature of the on-site work involved?

On-page optimization, optimization of title and metadata, content creation, creation of structured data, internal link building, custom web development, and custom web design, are some of the tasks you can expect to be conducted on your site. Take a look at our services page for further information.

Packages: What are the contents of the SEO packages offered?

Each client gets a customized SEO package. Everything from on-page optimization, local citation building, link building, web development and design, content creation, off-page brand building, review generation strategy and the creation of social media profiles. 

When can I expect to see a change of my website’s rank on major search engines?

For keywords and phrases that are less competitive, you can expect to see an improvement in rankings after the page has been optimized and indexed. Usually, this process takes around 3 months. However, to see any significant changes for more competitive keywords and phrases it may take longer.


The number of new leads created, the level of organic traffic from major search engines – such as Bing and Google – and your selected keyword rankings, are three of the main measures of success we use to assess each SEO campaign. We use various different types of software that help us measure your rankings. To measure the amount of new traffic generated from organic search, and not paid adverts, we use Google Analytics and AHREFS. We can also track things like the number of incoming leads directly coming from calls and contact forms. These are all things that we can include in our service package that you can choose from. 

Agency Insights

Santa Barbara Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are passionate about SEO; to us, it is not just a service, it’s a relationship. 
When looking for the right SEO in Santa Barbara follow our recommended process.

Goals, Numbers, & Goals...

Begin by identifying the main goals you are looking to achieve with search engine optimization by sitting down with whoever is on your team, from your CEO to your board members and executive team. Find out the main reasons behind your decision to pursue SEO and your need to attract internet traffic through organic means. After launching your SEO campaign how will you be able to assess its success or failure? It is worth noting that there are positive and negative goals, at this point.    

For clients interested in Santa Barbara SEO services, the following are great examples of positive goals:
  • > We are seeking to attract traffic drawn from specific groups of people who are looking for my products or content. There are many people looking for this information or product. Awesome.
  • > Search Engine Optimization is a great channel for driving up sales, and we want to use it to boost our sales figures and hence increase our overall revenue.
  • > Another great goal is to use SEO to drive up free trials, sign-ups and downloads.

We aim to improve upon what people think and feel about our brand through SEO. We want to push positive reviews on our brand higher in the rankings, while ensuring that any negative reviews are further down on the list for anyone who searches for our brand on the major search engines. It is important for you to drive up the general public opinion; at least online. All these goals are great, the more defined the better. If you really want your campaign to succeed, you need to start by setting achievable goals.

Companies that kicked off their campaign with poor targets/goals are usually the ones that end up with similarly poor results after hiring an SEO agency, in my experience. Surprisingly, many companies end up being proven wrong even after starting out with what they thought were positive goals. The return on investment on SEO projects usually ends up being much lower than expected, as resources are wasted in pursuit of the wrong targets. To give you a good idea of poor goals, here are some great examples.  

As company looking for Santa Barbara SEO, avoid making these following goals:
  • > Increased traffic is our main concern. We don’t know why, but we want more visitors on our website. Since increased traffic is not a target on its own, this is a poor decision. However, if you want more traffic because you have the facts and figures proving that it will help you make more sales, then you have something in your hands. You can use this to drive up your revenue.  
  • > Some people simply want SEO so that they can rank for something they have in mind. However, this is a poor goal as it is not directly linked to any quantifiable benefits to the organization/brand. SEO agencies looking for clients should see this as a potential red flag. This is definitely not a great goal and should not be anywhere on your list of targets.   
  • > Another example of a poor target is trying to outrank your competitors for a specific keyword phrase or keyword. Such a goal won’t help you get closer to achieving the main goals of your organization nor will it help you increase revenue. 

Case Study

There are of course SO many data points we can be covering but being that the first goal of SEO is to become more visible to more people within the search engines, impressions represent a direct result of SEO work.​

This presentation showcases the amount of times our client, was seen in the search engine results page of Google over the course of 1 year. This data is pulled directly from the Google Search Console month over month. During this time, we added 10 keyword focussed articles intentionally chosen and written to boost impressions, optimized the meta data, title tags, and image alt tags. The articles were added to the website in March. Other tasks were done over the course of a few months. You will see the increase in impressions as they mature, the website matures, and other ranking factors such as social signals (active social media) increase the websites relevancy within google. Slides 1 & 2 are the year at a glance, followed by month over month.

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