How often can I expect to be notified of changes in rankings on search engines?

SEo FAQ #1: We have a bunch of different options for reporting and analytics. Normally we send out a report every two weeks, but we can send it out monthly or bi-monthly depending on your business strategy & goals. Check out our reporting page for more information. 

What’s the nature of the on-site work involved?

SEO FAQ #2: On-page optimization, optimization of title and metadata, content creation, creation of structured data, internal link building, custom web development, and custom web design, are some of the tasks you can expect to be conducted on your site. Take a look at our services page for further information or contact us if you’d like to know more.

Packages: What are the contents of the SEO packages offered?

Each client gets a customized SEO package. Everything from on-page optimization, local citation building, link building, web development and design, content creation, off-page brand building, review generation strategy and the creation of social media profiles. Truly every business has unique needs, there is NOT a 1 size fits all SEO package.

When can I expect to see a change of my website’s rank on major search engines?

For keywords and phrases that are less competitive, you can expect to see an improvement in rankings after the page has been optimized and indexed. Usually, this process takes around 3 months. However, to see any significant changes for more competitive keywords and phrases it may take longer. Other ranking considerations are your competitors and the age of your website.

Timing: How long will each contract run for?

We usually start off with a monthly contract that has a set price and runs for a specific duration. Depending on the level of improvement you wish to see, and the amount of work involved, a normal campaign is between three to six months. You can then opt for a cheaper contract that involves a lower amount of work usually on a month to month basis after the initial campaign is completed.  

Cost: What Is The Average Cost Of Search Engine Optimization?

For each client, our SEO campaigns are customized and itemized with a specific level of work to suite your business needs, for a specific amount of time at an hourly rate; this is different from what other agencies do by offering pre-packaged SEO services at specific price points. Our approach not only ensures that your money goes towards getting the services you need but also prevents you from being billed for unnecessary work.


The number of new leads created, the level of organic traffic from major search engines – such as Bing and Google – and your selected keyword rankings, are three of the main measures of success we use to assess each SEO campaign. We use various different types of software that help us measure your rankings. To measure the amount of new traffic generated from organic search, and not paid adverts, we use Google Analytics and AHREFS. We can also track things like the number of incoming leads directly coming from calls and contact forms. These are all things that we can include in our service package that you can choose from or we’d be happy to recommend.

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