Reputation Management

Rose & Crown Co.’s first service ever offered was social media management. Which is why having a team that is well-trained and certified in all facets of social media management was imperative for its growth. From our extensive branding training at Apple, we assure clients that communicating company values is a top priority. 

To visually represent Rose & Crown Reputation management

Running a Business

Running a business is hard enough, let alone managing a website and multiple social media accounts. As the world becomes increasingly connected by the internet every day, it becomes clear that if you don’t have a solid website and digital strategy, you may lose out to the huge opportunity of traffic flowing from online sources.

Competitive Results at Affordable Prices.

When it comes to posting, everyone needs it, but no one wants to do it. We get that. Which is why the social media management packages we offer allow you to step away from the “busy work” of posting so that you can focus on what you love doing most.

Let us take the reins and continue to foster community via the online platforms, driving more engagement to your pages, conversations about your business and customers into your store.

Content Calendar:

Over the years we have worked with many different brands and businesses that have unique messaging and styles when it comes to their social media. We have fine-tuned this into a strategic outline to create a unified way of communicating across all platforms and advertising mediums. 

A powerful visual language.

Building on the outline, we create a library of graphics and illustrations that are easy to use without any editing for automated posts. 

We will be able to promote your content daily, weekly or monthly across multiple social platforms using highly targeted promoting techniques. Not only do we advertise your message but we also use other methods of cross-promoting to make them go viral.

All content is strategically tailored to suit the voice and style of the client or company. The messaging is developed based on research conducted by our team in order to be able to properly understand what makes your brand unique.

Not only will we create content for your business but also provide you with an overall analysis and breakdown of where we believe the best places to allocate your advertising budget are, in order to provide maximum return on investment. From here, we can further refine together a long-term strategy for our clients.

Reputation Management & Web 2.0's

Google my business and other popular directory websites came to the internet a couple of years ago, and they are here to stay. It is important to have your Google My business profile, yelp profile, houzz profile or any other larger “directory” site profile active. If there’s a profile that can direct customers back your main website, you want to make sure that’s optimized.

Understanding your insights

When it comes to running a successful online strategy there are a couple of things that we have found to work best for businesses communicating to their audiences. To start we will run an audit on your existing pages to see what works and what doesn’t. Next we develop a customer persona to target, have a brief meeting about your ideas on how you want your brand to be represented and establish goals to take your profile where you want it to be.

Leveraging Online Reputation Management to boost Engagement

Social media and other Web 2.0s are so important for recognition online. These days, customers are much more likely to check out your social profile your Google My business or Yelp profile than they were 4 years ago. What they are looking for is something called “Social Proof” this gives the customer a sense of security like “if other people trust you, so should I.” Google finds this incredibly helpful, and will reward your website a higher spot in the search results compared to your competition who is “lacking” in this area. 


Real Results

We are a customer serviCE focused COmpany

Connecting businesses with customers through online marketing.
We believe online marketing is a proven unmatched marketing tool that draws in old and new customers, growing businesses.
A marketing tool unmatched in value. It’s impact is unprecedented.
We believe strong relationships are what builds strong companies.
We strive to cultivate clear communication, trust, and understanding with everyone we work with.
Supporting the communities we want to live and work in. Work with us, grow with confidence.

A marketing team unlike the rest.

Our mission is to redefine the way small business owners connect to their customers & their community, leveraging online marketing in a way never believed possible.
Your time is better spent doing what you are best at, instead of wasting time deciphering the world wide web.