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Organic SEO

It is likely that someone is searching on Google for your product or service right now. And because of this, your business or brand needs to be competitive in the search engine rankings. At Rose & Crown Co, we will help your business be seen online using organic SEO & local SEO strategies so you don’t lose customers to your competitors.

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A 2019 Local Business Case Study

Our Process

1. Keyword Research

The first thing we start with is keyword research.

Before the start of any organic SEO campaign, we undergo a keyword research process to determine the most lucrative keywords in your industry or niche. We use advanced, state-of-the-art software tools to identify all keywords relating to your business while also being relevant for the search query. When we pick the keywords to target, we take into consideration the domain rating of your website (which is a value between 0 and 100). This allows us to choose those keywords that have high search volumes and competitiveness that suits the authority level of your website, in order to increase your chances to rank in Google for these keywords within a reasonable time frame.
After the Rose & Crown team puts together a list of the best target keywords, we meet with you to discuss our strategic plan before starting the optimization of your website. We need your approval on the list of keywords selected by our strategists before we begin the organic SEO campaign.

To visually represent Rose & Crown Co. offering SEO services to the businesses of Santa Barbara, CA

2. Content Can Make A Difference

The winners are usually the ones who offer value right from the start. Content is the best way to deliver value to your potential customers. High quality images and videos, banners, info-graphics, and calls to action are among the best tools that can help your message gain visibility online.

We are specialists in content creation. Our copywriters are skilled and experienced in content creation and branding. They have helped hundreds of brands share their stories with millions of customers.

Great content has great chances to go viral. All this “buzz” will eventually generate heaps of traffic to your website, which will improve your overall organic SEO rankings in Google and perhaps in all other search engines.

3. Implementation

In the implementation stage, our team of SEO experts will focus on the most effective SEO tactics to use for your business. We will implement a series of scheduled tasks such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content creation, and optimization of local listings. Our goal is to use credible back linking and effective off-page SEO to attract mentions from third party websites. The results will be an increase of the relevancy of your website and a nice traffic boost. In this stage, we aim to create and release a number of relevant articles and to work on your Google Maps Indexing. We will identify the best opportunities of obtaining high-quality backlinks to improve your rankings in search engines. One of the best methods to rank online is to have your business discovered by local players in your market. As every business is unique, we might add other tactics and activities to ensure the effectiveness of our SEO efforts.

4. Backlinking Campaign

Building great content is one of the stages of the SEO process. In order to make this content more relevant to its main keywords and to your industry, you need Țhigh-qualityȚ backlinks that will boost your rankings in the SERPs. We partner with a large network of bloggers, so we are able to identify the best outside sources to get high-quality contextual links. We will also have your business featured in online magazines and news channels. We have great partnerships with PR agencies that can help us get your business featured in various media articles to gain long-term exposure for your brand.

SEO Santa Barbara

Local SEO support

Local SEO is great for your business, as it allows you to put your content in front of the eyes of people who really matter. Local website visitors are the best converting source of traffic, because they are actually the ones who are the most prone to buying your products or services.
Once we perform our audit and our market analysis, we will have a good understanding of your best online opportunities. Next, we will recommend you a list of the best SEO keywords to focus on. If you’ve already contracted local SEO services before, you are probably targeting some of these keywords already. Either way, our team at Rose & Crown Co. will do the keyword research to identify new keywords that could bring you more exposure online. Here are a few examples of our local SEO keywords finding process:
Using the keywords your best competitors rank for: We analyze your top competitors and we identify the best local keywords they rank for. We have special software tools that allow us to reverse engineer their SEO process. Then, we can pick the right keywords you have good chances to rank for and we add them to your local SEO campaign.
Asking you directly what keywords you’d like to rank for: By understanding how you want your customers to find you online, we will generate keyword lists and we will identify the best of these keywords to add to our campaign.

6. Reporting

To visually represent Rose & Crown Co. servicing organic SEO & local SEO

All SEO campaigns need to have Reporting & Analytics

Our team at Rose & Crown Co has a comprehensive and well-defined reporting procedure. We will send it to you to see what you can expect from us. The keyword movement report will allow you to see what keywords we track and how they move in the SERPs. We use Google Analytics and the Search Console to identify new opportunities for your SEO campaign. We also aim to improve trust across all pages of your website in order to increase website trust scores.
These two reports allow us to keep you in the loop, so that you always know where you stand.

7. Patience Pays Off Big Time

Crawl, Walk, Run | Organic SEO & Local SEO 

Organic SEO and local SEO are long-term activities. They usually pay off, but you need to have the patience to wait until all of the actions we do bring the expected results. Google takes its time at ranking new websites, so waiting is the only way to achieve the goals you have in mind. We can help you do that!

This image describes the Rose & Crown Standard


How long will each contract run for?

We usually start off with a monthly contract that has a set price and runs for a specific duration, at the start of the campaign. Depending on the level of improvement you wish to see, and the amount of work involved, a normal campaign is between three to six months. You can then opt for a cheaper contract that involves a lower amount of work usually on a month to month basis after the initial campaign is completed.  

What Is The Average Cost Of Search Engine Optimization?

For each client, our SEO campaigns are customized with a specific level of work, for a specific project amount of time and at a given price; this is different from what other agencies do by offering pre-packaged SEO services at specific price points. Our approach not only ensures that your money goes towards getting the services you need but also prevents you from being billed for unnecessary work.

How often can I expect to be notified of changes in rankings on search engines?

We have a bunch of different options for reporting and analytics. Normally we send out a report every two weeks, but we can send it out monthly or bi-monthly depending on your business strategy & goals. Check out our reporting page for more information. 

What’s the nature of the on-site work involved?

On-page optimization, optimization of title and metadata, content creation, creation of structured data, internal link building, custom web development, and custom web design, are some of the tasks you can expect to be conducted on your site. Take a look at our services page for further information.

What are the contents of the SEO packages offered?

Each client gets a customized SEO package. Everything from on-page optimization, local citation building, link building, web development and design, content creation, off-page brand building, review generation strategy and the creation of social media profiles. 

When can I expect to see a change of my website’s rank on major search engines?

For keywords and phrases that are less competitive, you can expect to see an improvement in rankings after the page has been optimized and indexed. Usually, this process takes around 3 months. However, to see any significant changes for more competitive keywords and phrases it may take longer.


The number of new leads created, the level of organic traffic from major search engines – such as Bing and Google – and your selected keyword rankings, are three of the main measures of success we use to assess each SEO campaign. We use various different types of software that help us measure your rankings. To measure the amount of new traffic generated from organic search, and not paid adverts, we use Google Analytics and AHREFS. We can also track things like the number of incoming leads directly coming from calls and contact forms. These are all things that we can include in our service package that you can choose from. 

Case Study

There are of course SO many data points we can be covering but being that the first goal of SEO is to become more visible to more people within the search engines, impressions represent a direct result of SEO work.​

This presentation showcases the amount of times our client, manifestbuilding.com was seen in the search engine results page of Google over the course of 1 year. This data is pulled directly from the Google Search Console month over month. During this time, we added 10 keyword focussed articles intentionally chosen and written to boost impressions, optimized the meta data, title tags, and image alt tags. The articles were added to the website in March. Other tasks were done over the course of a few months. You will see the increase in impressions as they mature, the website matures, and other ranking factors such as social signals (active social media) increase the websites relevancy within google. Slides 1 & 2 are the year at a glance, followed by month over month.


Chloe Kirk
Chloe Kirk
EcoLawn SB
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"Max & Chloe have been helping our companies grow and establish our presence in the online world for over a year. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in all different aspects of online media, from social media to advertising to any miscellaneous online needs we have! We count on them to create a plan for us and then execute. Their prices are affordable and they are quick to respond and take care of business. I would highly recommend their services!"
Bonnie Vonfeldt
Sports Massage & Body Work
Read More
Rose & Crown Co I cannot say enough good things about Chloe’s consulting, her help with graphics and social media marketing AND helping greatly in building out my new website. Chloé’s patience and kindness at executing confusing details has built my confidence to achieving my goal. A Master at detail. She leads the way, helping with editing, design as well as strong strategies. I can not recommend Rose & Crown highly enough. Thank you Chloé & Max for helping bring my work into the light with professionalism and clarity.
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"Best attention to detail and personal involvement of any online public image management company I have ever worked with! I have used their services for three of my businesses and have recommended Rose & Crown to several friends in the industry. Running my businesses takes all day, the last thing I have time for Instagram and Facebook advertising. They really help me with those channels and with sourcing top quality content for my blogs. Highly recommend!"
Carly Scharf
Carly Scharf
Independent Contractor
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"Needed some consulting on my business that I just started and these two were a wealth of knowledge. Great customer service and all around pleasant to work with. I had a ton of questions and they answered all of them and somehow managed to empower me instead of making me feel stupid for asking. Thank you Max and Chloe!! Excited to continue working with you two!"
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