Newsletter Design

>>We know what your thinking, not another email in my inbox?!  Well, don’t write it off just yet! Even with all of the recent advances in communication technology, email remains one of the most widely used marketing channels. And, when backed by reliable data, targeted execution and testing, a great newsletter design is a potential powerhouse for gaining new customers. At Rose & Crown Co we know how true this is.

Track customer data, make informed decisions.

We can analyze customer data such as, how long a customer was on your website, where they came from originally (facebook or google) and what their buying habits are like. We can use this data to generated highly targeted emails that “drip feed” your business into their inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.

Let us take the reins and continue to foster community via the online platforms, driving more engagement to your pages, conversations about your business and customers into your store.

>> 2 words, Email Marketing

We’ve had incredible results with clients who have used newsletters to get customers to return to their stores and restaurants. It is a perfect way to communicate to your community on a personal level.

If you are a service based business, we have specialized Lead Generation tactics that keep your potential customers informed about your services. Keeping your business in the minds of your customers, so when they need a service such as emergency plumbing, they will know exactly who to contact.

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